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Walker's been having dreams of a Shaman. On the Indian reservation a man, John Wolf is accused of killing someone. He then goes on the run and hides somewhere. When the police arrive, he asks to see Walker. Walker arrives he talks to Wolf. He tells Walker that he knows he's been having dreams about the Shaman because he's been having them too. He tells Walker he's been framed by Stahl, a man who's ancestor also tried to exploit the Indians. Wolf give Walker a pouch he wears on his neck and Walker sees inside are two bullets one an old one the other looks like one of Walker's. Walker then finds himself back 100 years. He learns that Wolf's ancestor is being accused of murder and the Sheriff who is the ancestor of Stahl, is determined to take him down. He then meets the Shaman who says he summoned Walker to bring justice.
A Shaman transports Walker back in time 100 years to prove the innocence of a Comanche Indian. In the present, Walker must prove the innocence of another Comanche, who is accused of murder.

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